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As summer starts in Cape Town and the degrees keep climbing, so do the requests from my kids. Yes, of course they’re asking to eat chocolate every second or wanting to swim even though they’ve only just stepped out of the pool, but the most asked question on their lips is when they can go to the “ice slides.” Somehow the end of school and the opening of the Ice Adventure at Canal Walk have become synonymous and we just cannot get the holidays going without stopping there first. We booked our session on Computicket and ventured into Canal Walk on a busy Sunday afternoon. Even though the parking told us that there were a million people inside, what I love about this place is that you don’t even feel it. It’s so big that you could probably literally have a million people in there and you would still be able to have a fun shopping experience.


While we were getting our tickets checked we were greeted by a caveman dressed in warm furs and he then showed us into the arena. The set up is completely different this year to the years before. The slides are different, instead of the really long (and high) slide, they’ve included life-size and life-like animals fromthe ice age – including a sabre tooth tiger that you can sit on and take a photo with, a family of woolly mammoths and a scary looking bird like creature. Don’t worry though, there are still three rides to enjoy – from the mini slopes (next to the snow pit), to the medium ramp (close to the Marcels side of the arena) and then of course, the fast slope opposite the sabre-tooth tiger.

AND there is a Sub-Zero Ice Chamber which I was not prepared for in my summer clothes.  It was FREEZING in there, but obviously with the moving moose in there and ice waterfall had my kids running back in there every few minutes to have their hair blown back.  You can even ride one of the animals (please note that you have to pay an additional R20 per person per ride).


Don’t miss out on this chance to cool down and have fun in the snow. On until 8 January 2017, 10am – 10pm. Find out more  about their various tickets here or book now on Computicket.


Hi there!  I’m Cindy, although I don’t hear that name nearly as much as I hear “MOOOOOOOM!”.  I’m a reformed Milo and Nik Naks addict because I’ve been forced into the sugar, grain and dairy free life. I used to arrive early to everything but with three kids I’m now late for EVERYTHING.  I’ve been married almost as long as I haven’t been married, and surprisingly I still enjoy seeing his face every morning.  We’ve adopted 2 dogs and grown three little people (Kyla – 7, Riya-Ray – 6 and Knox – 4).  I use my space on the internet (3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House) to record all the highs and lows of parenting and file away all the special memories we’ve made.  I’d love for you to join me there – see you on the other side.